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Training Class: Cimatron E MoldDesign

Class Information
Start Date: 05/14/2012
End Date: 05/18/2012
Location: (city, state) Novi, Mi
Location: 41700 Gardenbrook #100
Novi, MI 48375
Enrolled: 5/6

Class Description
Description: This course teaches the general operating functions of Mold Design in Cimatron E, the generation of 2D/3D wireframe, surface and solid geometry, and creating a Mold Design using all components in the assembly environment. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Open, view, and save Cimatron E files
  • Create a catalog part.
  • Understand the interface and mouse control for effective use in Mold Design.
  • Be familiar with system defaults and the preference screens where these can be customized
  • Select varying types of geometry and control entity picking by filters
  • Control and organize on-screen data by use of sets and blanking
  • Start a Mold Design project, using the mold wizard.
  • Add active Parts, Arrange the active parts in their sub assemblies.
  • Create and manipulate coordinate systems that represent origins in space
  • Grasp concepts of parametric and history based modeling, including the importance of feature order and its corresponding display in a tree
  • Use the Cimatron 2D creation environment, the sketcher. Included in this task are creation of geometry and dimensioning and making constraints between entities
  • Create the Mold Base, load and edit the mold.
  • Add Mold components, (e.g., Screws)
  • Add cooling system, (e.g., cooling sketch, cooling channel, cooling components)
  • Add Ejectors , trim the ejectors, ejector pocket.
  • Multi Cavity mold design.
  • Create a layout for the multi cavity mold
  • Change the location in the multi cavity mold.
  • Copy assembly and edit.
  • Create a pocket.
  • Create the slider assembly
  • Use the connect feature.
  • Assembly cut / automatic.
  • Solutions for the case of mirrored parts use
  • Mirror parts layout.
  • Drafting
  • BOM

Structure: Theoretical lectures alternate with interactive lab work.

Materials Provided: Cimatron Training CD containing Acrobat Reader training part files.

Prerequisites: The student should be familiar with their own operating system, and the use of a three-button mouse. An understanding of Cimatron E CAD is helpful.