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New Training Program

Training Class: Cimatron E CAM

Class Information
Start Date: 03/12/2012
End Date: 03/16/2012
Location: (city, state) Novi, Mi
Location: 41700 Gardenbrook #100
Novi, MI 48375
Enrolled: 4/6

Class Description
Description: This course teaches the general operating functions of the Cimatron program for creating 2-1/2 axis milling and 3-axis surface milling. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Importing and exporting
  • Fundamentals such as basic surface creation, curve and sketcher creation
  • Analyzing data for draft, Measurement and Curvature map
  • Create and manipulate UCS’s
  • Operation of the Toolpath Manager
  • Creating Stock and Part
  • Creation of tools and holders. Define their feeds and speeds
  • Control the tool as it rapid traverses to and away for the part
  • Selection of contours (curves) for machining (In, On, Out, Tip of tool), including islands
  • Selecting part and check surfaces for machining
  • Create 2-1/2 axis toolpaths for profiling and pocketing
  • Create 3-axis toolpaths for Z-level roughing, surface machining, flowline machining, engraving, rib machining, Auto drilling and remachine. Proper techniques and practical machining strategies are discussed.
  • Motion editor
  • Simulate and Verify toolpaths
  • Postprocess toolpaths
  • Create process documentation, tool reports, and cycle times
  • Edit toolpaths
  • Understand the fundamentals of "template machining"
  • Utilize Short names NC variables (e.g., tldi, maxpz, minpz, etc.)

Structure: Theoretical lectures alternate with interactive lab work.

Materials Provided: Cimatron Training CD containing Microsoft Word training and part files.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals, Modeling and an understanding of CAM is required.